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Wylde: ThereThen's collaboration with pro surfer Keanna Miller

This summer I reached out to Keanna Miller to collaborate on a scent that celebrates the natural beauty of both the California Coast and the rad women surfers who ride its waves. 

 At just 18 years old Keanna is already an accomplished surfer with a fiery competitive streak. She is currently a member of the prestigious USA Surfing Olympic Premier program. She has won two NSSA West Coast titles, won a WSA Open Women’s title, and now competes against the best young female pros in North America on the World Surf League’s Qualifying Tour. As a goofyfooter, she has used the long right walls of her home surf spot — Steamer Lane — to craft a lethal backhand attack that serves her well both during competitions and when she’s just out surfing for fun with her ex-pro surfer dad, Bud and Mom, Amy. She’s proud of her Westside Santa Cruz roots, loves the ocean, and recently became a web spokesperson for the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. 

Keanna and I worked closely together to co-create, Wylde. I wanted to create a scent that evoked Keanna's beauty, strength, and power. Keanna already had a pretty sophisticated sense of smell and was able to create a story of scent based on the smells in her memory. The result was Wylde with top notes of sugarcane, sunscreen and orange. The middle is a wave of gorgeous coconut milk, Magnolia and Jasmine.  Finally, driftwood, white musk, and sea salt anchor this compelling scent.

I had initially created ThereThen to harness the evocative power of scent and inspire my community to preserve and protect the native flora of our coastal home. Partnering with Keanna brings the energy and values of the next generation into that vision. I am inspired by Keanna’s passion to preserve the natural places we both love and even more by her commitment to empower young women in surfing.

Keanna is a leader and mentor. She wants “to inspire young girls because (she) was there once and it’s always nice to have a positive person to look up to” When asked where she sees the surfing community in 10 years, Keanna says, “I see more girls than ever because we are coming up and we are coming up strong.”

I was so proud to co-create Wylde with Keanna. She is a force of positivity, light and inspiration. I know she will go far in this world and I just wanted in some small way help her to get there.

50% of all sales of Wylde go to support Keanna's surfing career.








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