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“Our native species and the natural habitats that support them require conservation efforts now more than ever, yet we will only conserve what we know and appreciate.”

  -Matt Ritter, California Plants: A Guide To Our Iconic Flora

Harnessing the evocative power of scent, the There/Then Collection was created to remind you of the natural beauty found in California. It is my hope that with this reminder comes a deepened gratitude for our natural flora and a desire to protect it.


Serena Rivera is a Santa Cruz-based perfumer who is passionate about protecting and preserving the delicate flora and fauna that call California their home. She created There/Then while quarantining at home during the Covid-19 pandemic, reminiscing about the places she’s traveled and lived. She remembered the indelible sights and scents, and with that came a deep longing to revisit those places.

Serena then began to explore the scents of her own backyard, and that is where she discovered the fragrance and beauty of California’s native flowers. Studying their scents and learning how to evoke them in perfume, she collaborated with Rachel Latimer of Dane Fragrance to create her first line “Golden State.”


ThereThen collaborates with our community in many ways, including our hand made bottle caps, designed and built locally by middle school girls with Danny Dunton at Santa Cruz Boards. Read about their story here.



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