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Empowering Young Female Entrepreneurs

Danny Dunton is owner of Dunton Woodworking, an independent business committed to building the highest quality cabinetry and wood furniture. Danny and his daughter Ellia became aware that girls and women are not well represented in the woodworking industry. Inspired by his daughter, Danny founded the nonprofit Santa Cruz Boards in 2020 to empower girls to build. 

In his new workshop in Seabright, Danny teaches girls, eleven to fourteen, every aspect of the woodworking business. In partnership with There/Then, the girls are designing and producing custom bottle caps for the Golden State line of perfumes. There/Then is thrilled to partner with Danny and the girls to create organic packaging that reflects There/Then’s commitment to our home and community.

Every purchase at ThereThen and through its stockists are supporting the dreams of young women in woodworking.

Thank you for you support. We all appreciate you!

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